Calculations used for calculating SVM Knife Projection

  1. Grindwheel Radius (GwR) = Grindwheel Diameter / 2

  2. SVM-x Knife Jig Projection = SVMxP
  1. USB diameter (USBD) = 12mm
    USB radius (USBR) = 6mm

  2. SVMx shaft diameter (SVMxD) = 12mm
    SVMx shaft radius (SVMxR) = 6mm
  1. L12 = SVMxP2 + GwR2 - 2(SVMxP x GwR x cos(β + 90))

  2. L2 = SVMxR + USBD = 18mm

  3. Distance from Grindstone to USB = L1 - L2

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