Spindle Gouge

Guidelines shown below are for use with the Tormek SVD-186 or SVD-185 Gouge Jig.

When the tool gets too short to be held by the jig, consider making it into a beading tool (video below).

General Guidelines
(if used)
JS P Hole
30° 5° - 10° 2 55 mm B

can range from 30° - 40°.

For tight spots, detail work and finest finish. When the flute is shallow, this is known as a Detail Gouge. Traditionally, the wings are swept back quite far.

Not recommended for starter-level turners.

45° 2 65 mm A

can range from 35° - 45°.

Standard profile. For turners of all skill levels.

Notes & Comments
  • Marty Kiminsky noted "Woodturning" magazine (issue # 352) these for gouges:
    Gouge Type Generally
    Detail Gouges 40° 40°
    Spindle Gouges 25-40° 40°

  • When the tool gets too short to be held by the jig, you may be able to grind off the top as shown in the upper tool below. This flat area allows for the jig to hold the tool without the tool slipping or rotating.

  • Some information presented is from the Tormek handbook, Water Cooled Sharpening of Edge Tools, © Tormek AB.

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Grinding a gouge into a beading tool

Bob Patros Beading Tool from AAW on Vimeo.

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